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With a dip in temperature, a lot of car components can face a setback, especially the car tyres. This is why we advise you to put on winter tyres at the start of the season. We, First Stop Auto Centre, offer our customers a wide range of winter tyres Bilston.

Winter all across Britain can be harsh. With massive snowfall and torrential downpour combined with occasional hailstorms, it becomes challenging to drive under such circumstances. Hence at the onset of winter, mount high-quality winter tyres for a safe drive.

The collection of winter tyres at our garage is extraordinary. Customers can find all the recognisable tyre brands under one roof. The price of winter tyres depends on the different brands’ make and model. At our workshop, we provide the highest EU rated products at the best prices.

Winter tyres features:

The defining feature of winter tyres is their incredible performance at low temperature. Winter tyres work best below 7° Celsius. They perform well regardless of the snowy weather. Winter tyres are specifically designed to remain supple in colder weather condition and offer a better grip on slippery winter roads.

Winter car tyres Wolverhampton have some unique features –

  • First Stop Auto Centre has a broad range of premium quality winter tyres, which can displace water more effectively. These tyres have deeper tread grooves than other tyres. This provides aquaplaning resistance on wet roads.
  • Winter car tyres are designed with advanced technology. They provide enough traction and excellent grip on snow or ice.
  • These variants are compatible with snow chain which is required when driving in deep snow.
  • One can drive safely during snowfalls with snow car tyres Bilston. These tyres are made of softer rubber compound. Thus, they remain flexible even in freezing temperatures.
  • Winter tyres feature unique sipes that provide a lot of small extra edges. The edges help to grip the road better.

Why should you buy winter tyres?

Whether to buy winter tyres or not is a personal decision. But before coming to any conclusion, check out the following points.

  1. Many drivers do not feel confident while driving on a snowy road. So it is advisable to buy winter tyres Wolverhampton for added safety.
  2. Braking distance increases manifold on snowy roads. Summer tyres are simply incapable of offering adequate traction snow and ice.
  3. Summer tyres also become stiff in freezing temperatures while their winter counterparts remain pliable.

Why choose us?

First Stop Auto Centre has been in the automobile service sector for many years. We understand the customer's need and act according to their preferences. We have an in-house expert team who inspect all the tyres thoroughly. We also sell tyres online from our website at prices that are tough to beat.

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