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winter check

As autumn rolls on to winter, make sure you book your vehicle into First Stop Auto Centre for a winter check Bilston.

The frosty mornings and the windy nights can put stress on your car battery, fluids could freeze, wipers get worn-out, windscreen needs to be de-iced, and adequate tyre tread depth becomes critical. Whatever the weather might be, you must always maintain your car well for a peak driving experience this winter.

Visit First Stop Auto Centre and our trained technicians will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your car.

Car parts we will check

Our winter check in Bilston includes –

  • Car battery condition and performance test
  • Oil check
  • Coolant and anti-freeze level inspect
  • Windscreen, wiper blades and screen washers
  • Condition of tyres
  • Front and rear lights

Once these checks are completed, you will be handed over a full report with any recommendations.

When our technicians carry out the winter health and safety check, we will cover the following.

a. Tyre condition

Your vehicle's tyres condition is crucial. Worn-out, damaged, under or over-inflated tyres are the primary cause of accidents in the UK. Moreover, improper tyre condition can lead to excessive wear and decreased fuel economy if they're overlooked.

You can come to us for a professional winter tyre check Wolverhampton. We’ll check if the tyres have sufficient tread depth and check for signs of visible damages like cracks, bulges and slow-punctures. Furthermore, our technicians will inspect your tyre pressure to check if it meets the recommended level for winters.

Pro Tip: We'll advise you to fit winter tyres for your car to achieve maximum performance while driving on snow-covered or icy road conditions. You can pick from our extensive stock of performance winter tyres from brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Continental.

b. Coolant and anti-freeze

Although most motorists occasionally check the coolant levels, most tend to skip checking the anti-freeze percentage present in the car's cooling system. A frozen engine can be expensive to fix and can easily be avoided if you include an anti-freeze test in our winter essentials check at First Stop Auto Centre in Bilston.

We’d recommend changing your anti-freeze every 2-3 years as part of your vehicle’s routine service.

c. Wipers and windscreen

Visibility is lower during the colder months. As such, wiper blades must function correctly, and there should be a healthy supply of screen wash. Our winter check Bilston will include a thorough inspect of wiper blades, ensuring they’ll clear water from your windscreen effectively and we’ll add a screen wash top-up as well. We’d recommend not adding anti-freeze to your windscreen washer without consulting with us. It could be corrosive which might damage the UV-coating.

d. Car battery testing

During the cold season, car batteries often malfunction due to the additional burden of kick-starting a cold engine along with powering the heated screens and lights. Come to us for a faulty battery check. We use state-of-the-art digital testers to detect any failure.

Our years of expertise have shown that using quality car batteries proves beneficial in the long run. We recommend buying only the best-quality batteries from our garage at discounted prices and avail free installation.

e. Oil levels

In most vehicles, checking its oil level is not an easy task, and topping up with the appropriate grade of oil is even tougher. Thus, our list of winter checks includes an oil check to ensure your car is running with the proper amount of engine oil since over-filing and low-levels both prove detrimental to your engine.

Why come to us?

At First Stop Auto Centre, you’d receive a comprehensive safety inspection of your vehicle with a detailed report. We will make sure your car is ready, and it is safe to take it out in the winter months.

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