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Goodyear is one of the predominant brands in the tyre industry. This award-winning tyre producing company is well known for its superior quality products. Today, these tyres are widely used by motorists all over Britain.

First Stop Auto Ltd is one of the primary suppliers of Goodyear tyres in Wolverhampton. We have a large stock of Goodyear tyres in all variety. So, whenever you need a set of new Goodyear tyres, come to our workshop. We make sure that our customers get the best kind of tyres and services from our end.

Goodyear produces a wide range of high-quality tyres. We have hand-picked some of the best models for our customers.

Goodyear all season tyres

Most of Britain witnesses warm summer days with scattered rainfall. Winters are mostly mild with light snow in some areas. So, all-season variants are perfect for UK drivers. These Goodyear car tyres in Wolverhampton offer above-par performance on both wet and dry road conditions and can be used safely in both summers and winters.

Our picks

1. SP Sport 5000 asymmetrical :

The SP Sport 5000 is Dunlop's ultra-high performance all season tyre. It is specially designed for high performance, all season adaptability. These tyres perform well both on wet and dry roads. They have an asymmetric tread design with a medium tread block that enhances stability in dry roads, and also ensures steering responsiveness.

2. The Potenza RE980AS:

This ultra-high performance tyre offers the best high-speed handling capability. The tyres are made of soft rubber compound to work better on wet roads. Its tread pattern slots and grooves are interconnected, so it evacuates water well.

Goodyear summer tyres

Goodyear produces some of the most widely used summer tyres in Wolverhampton. They are ideal for use in summer when the temperature remains above 7°C. First Stop Auto Ltd offers a lot of variety in its summer tyres range.

Our picks

1. The SP Maxx:

The SP Sport Maxx is Dunlop’s most successful offering in the Max Performance segment. This product incorporates silica and carbon black tread compound for enhanced road grip and fuel efficiency. These tyres have independent shoulder blocks.

2. Potenza RE050:

These tyres feature high grip compounds along with a hard rubber material, which helps to blend good ride quality and stability. It large tread blocks ensure improved tractions and high-speed stability.

Goodyear winter tyres

Goodyear car tyres in Wolverhampton work exceptionally in chilly winters. They remain supple in cold weather and offers a better grip on slippery roads.

Our picks

  • Dunlop Winter Sport 3D:

These Goodyear tyres in Wolverhampton maintain excellent traction on snowy roads. The Winter Sport 3D tyres include two steel belts that optimise the contact patch and reduce instability at high speed.

Buy the best Goodyear tyres from us

We are a leading garage in Wolverhampton and sell the best quality products. Head over to First Stop Auto Ltd and grab the best Goodyear tyre now! To know more about our services, call us today.



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