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First Stop Auto Ltd offers a wide range of Dunlop tyres in Wolverhampton for various makes and models of cars.

With over 125 years of pedigree, the brand Dunlop has been synonymous with developing industry-leading technologies into making the best tyres in the market. Innovation and technological breakthrough is the heart of Dunlop. From supplying high-performing tyres as Original Equipment (OE) to dominating the replacement market, Dunlop touches new heights of tyre manufacturing with every model it produces.

Visit us at our workshop to check our impressive range. Here’s the best of what we offer.

1) Dunlop Sport BluResponse II SE

Using Dunlop’s innovative short-braking blocks – this tyre keeps you comfortable and safe while you’re behind the wheel. Its macro tread blocks improve road contact under sharp braking force.

Among Dunlop car tyres in Wolverhampton, Sport BluResponse II SE is the only one to sport a unilateral tread pattern and uses a silica-rubber dual compound to provide you with increased grip and superb handling. Its large lug grooves in the tread pattern can efficiently disperse water, thus resisting hydroplaning.

Additionally, Dunlop Sport BluResponse II SE sports an aerodynamic shape that minimises rolling resistance. Thus, you can make a substantial saving on petrol. Moreover, the tyre's close-knitted shoulder grooves can muffle noise emission to a significant extent. This ensures a quiet, smooth ride every time. You can buy this award-winning Dunlop tyre from First Stop Auto Ltd at the price of budget tyres.

2) Dunlop Winter Sport 3D DSST

This winter tyre from Dunlop has been engineered to face even the harshest of winter by providing enhanced traction and control on slippery icy roads. Even in the most unpredictable European winters, you can rely on Winter Sport 3D DDST.

Winter Sport 3D is the only winter Dunlop car tyres in Wolverhampton to boast of Multi-radius tread technology to retain its shape even at high speeds. Using this winter tyre guarantees a smooth, quiet drive with negligible vibrations.

Featuring 3D sipes with raisin-based adhesive, Winter Sport 3D offers superb grip on snow and ice. Its special vulcanised rubber-silica compound ensures that the tyre doesn't stiffen up even under temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Its wide, stiff treads offer high performing braking power to stop safely on the snow-covered road confidently. You can buy this revolutionary tyre from First Stop Auto Ltd at a cheap rate.

3) Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 DDST CTT

If you desire maximum performance, grip and handling all in one – SP Sports Maxx 050 is the ideal choice for you. When you drive on these tyres, you're guaranteed a responsive and comfortable ride. The tyre's unique feature boasts of evenly distributing pressure across the rubber surface, leading to more contact with the road surface. This not only enables a smooth but safe ride every time.

With its stable central rib design, Dunlop’s Sport Maxx offers precise handling and responsiveness. Moreover, this tyre’s extremely durable nylon-rubber sipes reduces tyre wear and also increases mileage by reducing rolling resistance. You can buy this model along with other Dunlop tyres online from our e-store.

The tyre's unique tread pattern disperses water from underneath its footprint quickly, thus, reducing the chances of hydroplaning in a torrential downpour. Featuring a dual silica compound, Sport Maxx 050 DDST ensures improved performance, acceleration and wear resistance.

4) Dunlop Grand Trek A/S PT20

Engineered with saw tooth type technology, Grand Trek PT20 improves both dry and wet handling without compromising on safety. This tyre's lateral shoulder grooves are designed to enhance handling under almost all-weather conditions.

This tyre also reduces the impact on nature using Energy Efficient technology. Using revolutionary Nano-scale silica components, this tyre delivers superb fuel efficiency and excellent braking performance. It not only saves your money on fuel but also decreases carbon emissions.

Why buy from us?

At First Stop Auto Ltd, we sell all the leading varieties of Dunlop car tyres in Wolverhampton. Our in-house experts will even help you choose the best tyres for your vehicle. We sell all of these tyres at heavily discounted prices if you buy in bulk.



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