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A name synonymous with technological breakthrough and innovation, Continental offers a premium range of tyres for both as Original Equipment (OE) and replacement. Since 1871, the brand had been developing award-winning technologies in tyre manufacturing. From summer to winter, from sports cars to off-road variants, Continental offers the broadest range of tyres possible.

At First Stop Auto Ltd, we stock an impressive range of Continental car tyres in Wolverhampton. What's more, each Continental tyre comes with the company's Total Confidence warranty that provides an additional measure of confidence to your drive.

We stock the best of Continental tyres of different make and model to suit every motorist’s need.

Here's what we offer.

Summer tyres

We sell only the best lot of summer tyre models for ultimate performance and durability. Take your pick from:

  • Conti Sport Contact 2
  • Conti Sport Contact 3 SSR
  • Conti Sport Contact 5 ContiSeal
  • Conti Sport Contact 5P SSR
  • Conti Sport Contact 6
  • Extreme Contact Sport

These ultra-high performing sports car tyres from Continental deliver precise steering and enhanced grip in hot British summers. These Continental car tyres in Wolverhampton come with innovative macro tread blocks with adhesive properties that can adapt with the changing road surface.

At First Stop Auto Ltd, we sell these tyres at massively discounted rates if you buy them in bulk. Purchasing these summer tyres not only provides you with superior handling but also improved steering responsiveness.

Using Continental's ground-breaking Black Chili technology – these tyres allow you to brake confidently even at extremely high speeds. The rubber's short-chain polymers absorb maximum energy enabling you to stop smoothly. Furthermore, these tyres reduce rolling resistance, thus giving you better mileage and lower fuel consumption.

You can also buy these Continental tyres online from our website.

Winter tyres

You can choose from:

  • Conti Winter Contact TS800
  • Conti Winter Contact TS298
  • Conti Winter Contact T830 P
  • Conti Winter Contact TS850 Conti Seal
  • Conti Extreme Contact SII

Built to withstand even sub-zero temperatures, these winter tyres from Continental provide sufficient traction and grip on snow-covered roads. The optimised 3D designed tread grooves gain higher contact with the road. This ensures you can enjoy supreme braking capability under both wet and dry road conditions.

Moreover, this tyre’s rigid internal structure maintains its shape even at high speeds. You can get even more out of your tank with these Continental car tyres in Wolverhampton as it cuts down on your fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions thus, benefiting you and the environment as well.

All-weather touring tyres

At First Stop Auto Ltd, you can get a broad variety of touring tyres from Continental. We’ve handpicked these for you:

  • Conti Pro Contact GX SSR
  • Conti Pro Contact with Eco Plus technology
  • Conti Pro Contact RX S52
  • Conti Pro Contact Conti Seal
  • Conti Pro Contact LS
  • Conti Touring Contact CV95

If you want a fuel efficient yet a power-packed driving experience, don’t look any further. These all-weather tyres are designed for usage in SUVs and sedans alike. Engineered with Continental’s Hybrid-TREAD technology – these tyres are extremely well balanced and save energy as well. With minimising rolling resistance, these tyres help you save money at the pump.

Plus, these Continental tyres provide excellent handling and enhanced grip in almost all weather conditions. Furthermore, the 4D sipes on the tyre's surface assist in resisting aquaplaning and braking as well. These Continental car tyres in Wolverhampton can be bought at lowest prices from our garage at Wolverhampton.

At First Stop Auto Ltd, we highly recommend these tyres for year-round performance. The toughened rubber-silica polymer compounds prevent tread deformation so that you can drive in confidence.

Why choose us?

First Stop Auto Ltd only sells high-quality 100% genuine tyres from reputed brands. Our in-house experts can help you out in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle if you shop from us.

We also sell Continental tyres online for your convenience.



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