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Summer tyres are inarguably the most predominant types of tyres. At our garage, First Stop Auto Centre, we offer both budget and premium summer tyres. Britain typically witnesses warm summer days with intermittent showers. As such, we stock summer tyres which have exceptional aquaplaning resistance properties

Not all tyres are capable of dealing with the extreme heat during summer. Summer tyres Bilston are the ideal choices as long as the temperature remains above 7°C. They are made from a unique blend of hard rubber. So, they don’t become pliable at high temperatures.

At our garage, every tyre goes through strict inspection by our experts. We offer high quality tyres that are known for incredible durability, excellent performance and fuel efficiency.

Features of summer car tyres

Summer car tyres Wolverhampton are the most prevalent variants and considered standard tyres by default. Buying the right model in the summer season can be beneficial in many ways.

1. Summer tyres offer a smooth and comfortable driving

As a well- known garage, First Stop Auto Centre provides a wide range of summer tyres that ensure higher traction, speed and responsiveness. We sell tyres that can run well on wet roads or adverse weather conditions.

2. These tyres have relatively hard rubber compound

In comparison to other models, summer tyres are made of high quality, harder rubber compound. It ensures that the tyres remain rigid even in scorching heat and do not lose shape.

3. Summer tyres Bilston are exceptionally durable

Our summer tyres are known for their incredible longevity. Car owners can expect their car tyres to stay operational for 5-6 years, or even more if they are careful drivers.

4. Summer tyres can handle wet road conditions with ease

In the UK, showers are a common thing during summers. Keeping that in mind, we provide products that have superior aquaplaning resistance properties. Dunlop Sport Max RT2 is one of the best examples. These tyres have asymmetric tread, clear sipes and grooves. These technologies help tyres to retain traction on the wet road effortlessly.

5. Summer tyres are available in different prices and categories

There are mainly three types of summer tyres available at First Stop Auto Centre - Economic, mid-range and premium tyres. We recommend our customers to buy a premium quality product because they are designed to offer the best performance in any condition.

However, every car owners should keep in mind that summer tyres do not perform well in winters. As this kind of tyres doesn't offer a firm gripping, one can face problems while driving on snowy roads.

Buy the best summer tyres

We offer a wide range of summer tyres Wolverhampton from every known brand in the industry. The prices we sell them at remains unbeatable in this region.

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