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Once your car makes it through the winter, it can be tempting to think that the hardest part of vehicle maintenance is over. Now while winters can be harsh on your car, the scorching heat and humidity of the summers can also have a detrimental effect on your vehicle.

So, First Stop Auto Centre advises you to conduct summer check Bilston from our garage and prepare your car to deal with the summer conditions. We recommend you to run this checklist before taking your vehicle out on hot summer days.

Why perform a summer check?

Summer’s heat and dust can take a toll on your vehicle. Coupled with the lashings from the past winter months – your car is poised for a possible breakdown. Thus, to lessen the odds of racking up bills from significant repairs, take your car to a summer check facility Wolverhampton.

Visit us for a full vehicle diagnosis to check signs of mechanical failures and associated risks. Our skilled auto technicians will perform all the necessary repairs in the best way possible.

Here’s the checklist.

1. Change the oil

We suggest you get your motor oil changed after routine intervals. If you're using conventional motor oil – change it after every 3,000-5,000 miles. We recommend using high-octane synthetic oil, which needs changing after 8,000 miles or even more.

We also advise you to go through your owner's manual to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the brand and oil viscosity as well as replacement intervals. Some car's engines are optimised for friction modifiers, anti-corrosive agents and gasket conditioners. So, using a different type of oil could do more harm to your vehicle than good. Therefore, we recommend bringing your car to First Stop Auto Centre Bilston for a professional oil change.

2. Check the coolant

Keep in mind, the coolant in your car’s radiator works double in summer compared to the colder months. Nevertheless, coolant degrades over time and loses its efficiency. Therefore, you must always go for extended-life coolants. However, if you use conventional coolants, change it from a professional service station like us every 2-3 years.

Now you might have forgotten when the last time you replaced the coolant is. You can use an anti-freeze tester for checking the quality.

3. Inspect the tyres

Check your tyres' tread depth. Rain and mud in the summer months can increase the stopping distance and weaken manoeuvrability. Insufficient tyre treads can impair both the conditions – hence, replace your tyres if required. Drop your vehicle at First Stop Auto Centre for a professional summer tyre check Wolverhampton.

Plus, we recommend you to swap your winter tyres for summer variants. These specialised tyres provide not only enhanced performance in the hotter months but also provide sufficient durability.

4. Test the car battery

Summer months can be as harsh on your car battery as the winter. So, bring your car to First Stop Auto Centre for a battery test. If our technicians feel the need to replace the car battery, we’ll install it free of cost if you purchase quality car battery from us.

5. Check the air-conditioner

From our years of experience in automobile servicing, we can tell if the air conditioning system is in good condition. If not, we can take pre-emptive action and have the air-conditioning diagnosed before the summer months starts. You can always rely on us for running complete diagnostics. Bring your vehicle for a summer check Bilston.

6. Windshield wipers

Summers in the UK are known for sudden downpours. Thus, replace the worn-out blades and clean your windshield with a washer solvent before the summer arrives.

Apart from replacing filters, oil or coolants – it’s essential to wash your car inside out. Snow sedimentation near the wheel and buffer areas can impair driving ability. Moreover, it also causes corrosion, thus, leading to costly repairs.

Why us?

First Stop Auto Centre has the most advanced equipment and skilled technicians to perform a professional summer check Wolverhampton.

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