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Car owners in Bilston can now avail exceptional car service Bilston at our garage at nominal prices. We are First Stop Auto Centre, one of the pioneering garages in this area. With a rich legacy of providing above-par services to our clients, we have positively changed the automobile service landscape of Bilston

Maintaining a perfect servicing schedule is the primary responsibility of a car owner. It entails undergoing several crucial inspections, which determine the condition of your car. We will also take any corrective measures we think necessary for the optimal performance of your vehicle.

Bring your car to our garage and leave it to our team of experienced technicians to make sure that it is in the best possible condition post the service.

Car servicing explained

Just like any other machine, cars also need occasional maintenance and tending to. There are several hydraulic fluids in the vehicle which need replacement from time to time. A car service session at our garage covers all these and then some.

Before going into the specifics of our service, you should know the two types of car servicing Wolverhampton that we offer at our garage.

i. Interim or basic service

An interim service covers around 35 essential checkpoints. It includes fluid checks, alignment and balance, washer fluid and wiper replacement, among other essential services.

ii. Full service

A full service is a comprehensive check-up of your car. Our technicians will thoroughly go through almost every part of your vehicle and check them for any faults. Along with the 35 checkpoints in our interim list, there are additional 35 odd pointers that we will go through during a full service Bilston.

The two must be performed at a six month’s interval from each other. In essence, you need to bring your car to our garage just twice a year to ensure optimum drivability and maximum car life.

Why should you care about car servicing?

Maintaining your car well pays rich dividends in the long run. If you follow a strict car service schedule, you will enjoy a host of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

  • A well-serviced car is a joy to drive. There won’t be any drop in the performance of your vehicle.
  • Regular servicing also ensures that all parts are working as they should and are not about to breakdown. It often saves you a hefty sum on car repairs.
  • A regularly serviced car lasts significantly longer.
  • It brings down the operating cost of your car.
  • The resale value of your car will also stay higher if you maintain a proper service log.

Why choose us?

First Stop Auto Centre enjoys the reputation of being a complete car solution provider. Our car service Wolverhampton is as comprehensive as it is pocket-friendly. Visit us for your bi-annual car service session and experience the difference for yourself.

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