Part Worn Tyres

The existing laws in the United Kingdom do not prohibit motorists from buying part-worn tyres. If you are planning to buy part worn tyres Bilston, you are welcome to contact our facility- First Stop Auto Centre.

We store an extensive range of these wheels from a comprehensive blend of manufacturers. We will also help you purchase the best set for your car by lending our professional expertise.

Should you buy part-worn tyres?

Part-worn wheels have specific economic advantages. If you live in and around the West Midlands region, you may feel the need to buy used car tyres in Bilston because of their low prices. Since their safety features may not be above-par, there are some decisions you have to take.

Changes have been made to the English laws to make buying these tyres easier. Pre-conditions have been laid down to guide purchasers.

How to buy part-worn tyres

You should only purchase these wheels if they are safe. According to existing provisions, you can only buy used car tyres Wolverhampton only if:

  • It has a legible EC approval mark. It must also have all related speed, and load rating marked on the surface.
  • The words “part” and “worn” must also be mentioned on the surface, and must be legible.
  • There should be no visible damage to the surface. If you see a used tyre with a bulge or a bump on its surface, it is advisable not to buy it.
  • The cord or ply should not be visible from the outside.
  • The tyre should have a tread depth of at least 3mm. Anything beneath that is not acceptable.
  • It is essential to buy branded wheels from well-known manufacturers only.

Driving guidelines with part worn tyres

Part worn tyres with adequate tread depth are no different than new car tyres. However, given the circumstances, it’s best to keep certain things on mind.

  1. These tyres can be used by any vehicle as long as the rules mentioned above are adhered to.
  2. Over-speeding will always be an issue. It does not depend on whether you buy new units or used car tyres Bilston.
  3. To ensure safety, it is advisable to follow professional advice on these wheels. You can contact our facility’s team of experts in Bilston to ensure you are buying safe-to-use wheels.
  4. Lastly, it may be better to purchase fresh tyres because they last for much longer, and provide higher value for money.

Contact us for more details

If you wish to buy a new set of part worn tyres Wolverhampton, you can do so by visiting First Stop Auto Centre on any working day. You can also use our website to purchase tyres securely.

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