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Exhaust Repair

The exhaust system of your car plays the crucial role of filtering and channelling out the noxious fumes from your car’s engine. As such, it is essential that any fault in the exhaust system be reported and rectified at the soonest. You may bring your vehicle to First Stop Auto Centre for the purpose. We are a professional auto garage specialising in exhaust repair Bilston.

Over several years that we have been in operation, we have delivered exceptional service to all our clients, who trust us to prioritise their problems and fix them in the quickest possible timeframe.

So, if your exhaust system is not performing as it should, do not hesitate to visit our workshop. Our technicians will get to the bottom of the issue and rectify what is fixable, and replace what isn’t.

Understanding the exhaust system

First Stop Auto Centre takes an active approach in educating its clients about various components of their cars. It helps you know your vehicle better, which, in turn, would help you diagnose its problem at an early stage.

The exhaust system of your car is its largest component, save for the chassis itself. It comprises of a series of pipes connected to each other, which collect, filter and channel fumes from the combustion chamber of the engine out to the atmosphere. You only see the tailpipe which ultimately disperses the fumes out to the atmosphere.

Several other components work in sync:

  • Catalytic converter: Converts harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxides into water vapour and Carbon Dioxide
  • Muffler: Dampens the loud noise generated by the combustion process
  • Manifold: Collects fumes from all four cylinders into one pipe for processing
  • Oxygen sensor: Determines the amount of oxygen left in the fumes, if any, for optimum fuel usage

All these parts withstand high pressure and temperature day in and day out, resulting in an increased probability of malfunction.

Symptoms of exhaust malfunction

There are some sure signs of exhaust malfunction which warrant a visit to our exhaust repair garage Wolverhampton. Look out for the following symptoms:

  • Visible smoke coming out of the tailpipe is the most significant indication of an exhaust failure. Slight colourless smoke is natural and nothing to be concerned about. But if your notice blue, black, grey or dense white smoke belching out of the tailpipe, bring your car to First Stop Auto Centre immediately.
  • Loud thudding noise from the underbelly of your car suggests that there is a problem with its muffler.
  • A sharp decrease in fuel economy follows exhaust malfunction.
  • You might also notice a petrol-like smell inside your cabin or around your car, which is indicative of a leak in the system.

Delaying exhaust repair Bilston is the surest way of compromising on the performance of your car. Bring it to our workshop immediately on noticing these signs.

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