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All car tyres sold in the European Union must have an EU tyre label affixed to them. This label provides specific and transparent information on three key aspects related to vehicular performance. The label has details on rolling resistance which has a direct bearing on fuel efficiency, noise levels when the tyres are running and wet braking capacity.

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Reading an EU label

The EU label gives a wide range of information on the wheels of all passenger cars in the United Kingdom. Once you decode them, you can easily purchase a quality model from our facility.

  • Wet grip

An EU tyre label Wolverhampton has specific details on a wheel’s wet grip. Wet grip depicts how safe the tyre is for driving on a damp surface. The ratings are on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G’. The closer a tyre is to grade A, the better it is.

For testing purposes, the European Union assumed that a car is driving at 80 km/hour. Tyres graded ‘A’ stopped faster than other types and provided much better safety.

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  • Fuel efficiency

EU tyre label also grades how fuel efficient a tyre is. This factor is dependent on rolling resistance. Fuel efficiency is measured on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G.’ Some of the best wheels are closer to the grade ‘A.’ Between A and G, fuel economy falls by 1 litre for every 60 miles driven.

  • External or rolling noise

The last aspect that an EU tyre label Bilston measures is rolling noise, a significant contributor to environmental pollution. The levels are measured in decibels. Tyres which have a rolling sound between 72 and 76 dB have 3 waves emblazoned on their EU label. On the other hand, wheels with rolling noise between 67 and 71 dB have a single wave in the emblem. A single wave depicts a very silent tyre, which is ideal for use.

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