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First Stop Auto Centre is the most trusted destination for motorists looking for new car tyres Bilston. We have served the automotive service sector in this area for years and earned a reputation for being a customer-centric, dependable garage. All our spare products and services are available at unbeatable prices.

Retailing car tyres is what we specialise in. We have arguably the vastest inventory of spare tyres, both new and part-worn, for you to choose from. Visit our facility and get access to hundreds of models of tyres from every major player in the industry.

Here are some of the varieties of tyres that you can buy from our workshop.

Tyres for everybody

Car owners across these Isles have varying requirements from their car tyres. Being inextricably linked to road safety, it is essential that you purchase tyres that complement your driving style and habits.

As such, we have stocked the entire gamut of car tyres Wolverhampton in all categories.

  • Summer tyres

Primarily made out from a hard rubber compound to stay stiff at scorching temperatures, summer tyres are exceptional on both dry and wet tracks. You should use these tyres between March and October for the optimal performance of your vehicle. They are also the most prevalent types of tyres, and most carmakers use these tyres as OEM parts.

  • Winter tyres

Once winter sets in, road conditions alter drastically. Winter tyres are necessary to tackle the change in road conditions during the colder months of the year. These tyres offer excellent grip on snowy roads and allow you to exert more control over your car.

  • All-season tyres

All-season tyres are perfect for places like Bilston which experience moderate weather conditions throughout the year. The mercury seldom touches either extreme in this area, making all-season tyres Bilston an ideal choice. These tyres perform exceptionally in both summers and winters, making the need to change tyres at the end of each season redundant.

Apart from these season-specific models, we also stock an exclusive collection of 4x4 and performance tyres. A handful of brands dominate the tyre industry, and we stock all these varieties of tyres from most of them. Some of the brand names that you will find on our shelves include:

  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Continental

Part-worn, full benefits

Apart from new tyres, we also have a stockpile of part-worn tyres available from as low as £15. These tyres have undergone strict quality tests and adhere to the British Standards. All of them have a minimum tread depth of 5mm and are as good as new when it comes to performance.

Apart from their dirt cheap prices, there is practically nothing separating our part worn tyres Wolverhampton from new models.

Get your tyres now

At First Stop Auto Centre, we believe that every car owner should have access to the best car accessories and spares so that they stay safe on the road. Our collection of new and part worn tyres Bilston ensures that you enjoy a superior performance from your vehicle at all times.

Apart from retailing tyres, we also have a wing dedicated to car service and repairs. From minor issues like tyre pressure checks to sophisticated procedures like wheel alignment and suspension repair, our expert technicians are equally adept at everything.

Bring your car to our service station on any working day and experience world-class service. For any enquiries or reservations, feel free to contact us on the phone or via e-mail.

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