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Our facility- First Stop Auto Centre- is renowned across the West Midlands because we not only store a broad gamut of new batteries but also provide exemplary advice to our clients who wish to become smarter consumers.

There are known instances when car owners across the United Kingdom do not take adequate care of their car’s cell. This ill-treatment can have severe consequences during the winter months. If you wish to become a better and more efficient driver, you must take care of your car battery Bilston or wherever it is that you live.

Identify battery issues quickly

Before a car battery dies, it generates a series of warning signs of distress. If you can watch out for them, you can prevent any unwanted issues later. Here are some of the most common problems.

  • Engine cranks but the car refuses to start: It is a reliable indicator that the battery is malfunctioning. Even when you flip the ignition switch, the battery cranks but there is no ignition. It takes a significant toll on the cell and the electric charge it carries. To prevent this issue, battery repair Wolverhampton is essential at periodic intervals.
  • No crank and no lights at all: Regardless of how hard you try, there will be no sign of life from the battery when it is completely drained or ‘dead.’ Too much reliance on the cell when the engine is turned off is often the principal culprit. Never leave the AC, heater or other energy-consuming appliances on when the engine is switched off. They can be used only when the engine is running to prevent draining of its cell. Your car battery Bilston will last for much longer if you follow this simple routine.
  • Lights dim when you accelerate: If you have noticed the internal or external lights dim for a second when you hit the gas pedal, it may indicate that the battery is facing severe stress. At times, even the dashboard lights, which are tiny in comparison, may dim. It can prevent a safe drive during night-time and is a safety hazard to boot. Again, regular inspections are essential for obvious reasons.
  • Ignition issues: Another notable indicator of a malfunctioning car battery Wolverhampton is when there are problems with ignition. The battery may fail to provide adequate charge on occasions, and intermittent problems of starting the car will persist. You can contact our facility- First Stop Auto Centre- for quality advice on how to preserve the cell for longer durations.

Contact us for new batteries

At First Stop Auto Centre, we are equally acclaimed as both retailers and service providers vis-à-vis car batteries. We have stocks from the best brands in Europe and around the world. We also provide you with the option of buying a new car battery Bilston online via our website. Feel free to contact us in person on any working day as well.

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