About Us

First Stop Auto Ltd is an independent car servicing and sales facility in the booming town of Wolverhampton. We are proud to serve a significant clientele in the West Midlands and have managed to stay ahead of the growing competition thanks to our innovative business practices and technological prowess.

We know the local population, and we see the kind of service that they expect. To us, service quality is of primary importance. It is a simple philosophy which has placed us in good stead for many years now.

Read on to discover more on what drives us.

Our mission

First Stop Auto Ltd has a purpose of becoming the most significant service facility in the West Midlands with clients who drive in from across the Isles. Ultimately, we aim to be the provider of automotive service and products. Thanks to our team-game, ample spunk and proven quality vis-à-vis sales and service, we are already on our way.

Our vision

We dream of a United Kingdom where everyone has access to quality vehicular health care at affordable prices. Our facility is making every effort to ensure at least some of these scenarios come true in a brief period.

Who we are

First Stop Auto Ltd is a specialised sales and services provider in the booming city of Wolverhampton. Our facility is located in a convenient and accessible area in the heart of the town. Given how Wolverhampton has blossomed in the last few years and how much the number of privately-owned cars has risen, we are in the right place at the right time.

Our sales

We are proud retailers of the most modern tyres and batteries in Wolverhampton from the most reputed brands. Our inventory has summer, winter and all-season wheels from the likes of:

  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear, and
  • Continental

We store the best tyres in Wolverhampton available at the most reasonable prices. You also have the opportunity of buying these products online via our official website. We provide secure transactions guaranteed to keep your data safe.

Our facility also stocks new batteries for all makes and models of passenger cars. Note that we do recommend all our esteemed customers to visit our facility personally if they are unsure of how to choose the right-sized wheels or ideal cells for their vehicles.

Our services

First Stop Auto Ltd is capable of providing you with all repairs and replacements your car may require from time to time. Some of our most in-demand services are:

  • Pre and post-MOT services
  • Suspension repair in Wolverhampton.
  • Wheel alignments and balancing sessions offered in-house
  • Minor services like puncture repairs and tyre pressure checks
  • Replacing brakes, clutch and certain parts of the exhaust assembly

Our team of experts have received professional training and are among the very best in the business. We serve with a smile and deliver on-time every time.

What sets us apart?

First Stop Auto Ltd is a recognised player in the fields mentioned above across West Midlands. Our service has managed to provide us with a significant number of returning customers. We have thus gained the trust of the local townspeople.

Besides being proficient in our craft, we also offer:

  • Superior advice on anything car-related
  • Punctual service sessions
  • The chance to buy the most widely acclaimed products at base rates
  • A chance to experience what world-class service means

Contact us

If you have been noticing a decline in your car’s performance, you can contact us either online via the website or in person.

Feel free to book an appointment on any working day. It helps us serve you better.

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