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Capable of treading both on-and off-roads, 4X4 tyres bring in more toughness than most tyres. These specialised SUV car tyres Bilston are capable of handling almost all road conditions without sacrificing on comfort and required traction. These unique tyres sport multi-faceted tread blocks to deliver sufficient traction in any direction on dirt trails or gravel roads alike.

At First Stop Auto Centre, we stock the broadest range of 4X4 tyres Wolverhampton of different make and model. Take your pick or let our in-house experts help in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle.

What do we offer?

We sell the best lot of 4X4 tyres from all reputed tyre manufacturers. Here’s what we offer.

From Bridgestone

From creating the first tubeless tyres for sports cars, Bridgestone has come a long way ever since. They provide one of the best SUV car tyres in the market complete with warranty. Here's our pick:

  • Dueler A/T D693 III
  • Dueler A/T RH-S
  • Dueler A/T Revo 2
  • Dueler A/T Revo 3

Designed for SUVs, MUVs and LTVs – if you're looking for excellent performance on-road along with the benefits of off-road abilities, these tyres are ideal for you.

Engineered to combine a longer tread life and quiet highway ride, these 4X4 tyres Bilston are made for maximum efficiency. Expect year-round traction in wet, dry and wintry road conditions, even on snow.

These Bridgestone tyres feature Silane-enriched all-season compound moulded into an all-terrain tread pattern. While this feature improves traction on off-road conditions, the stable tread blocks with closed shoulders help prevent uneven wear and promote long tread life.

Furthermore, those Silane+ additives extend tread life and improve wet and dry grip. The edge-of-the-block designed grooves and full-depth sipes offer all-weather traction throughout the entirety of tyre life. Apart from our garage, you can buy these tyres online at heavily discounted prices.

From Goodyear

Dubbed as America’s most popular tyre brand, Goodyear derives its technology from the race tracks and incorporates them into passenger sedans, SUVs and trucks.

We’ve picked some popular models for you:

  • Wrangler AT/S
  • Wrangler All-terrain Adventure with Kevlar
  • Wrangler Silent Armour
  • Wrangler Trail Runner AT

These Goodyear tyres are developed exclusively for four-wheel drive vehicles. Pickling an impressive balance of taming both on- and off-terrains, these Goodyear tyres are a massive crowd pleaser. You can buy these 4X4 tyres Wolverhampton from First Stop Auto Centre in bulk to avail the exclusive deals.

These 4X4 car tyres use a toughened tread compound moulded into a multi-faceted asymmetric tread pattern. It features an aggressive wrap-around shoulder blocks with interlocking centre blocks for combining rugged looks and reducing noise.

Engineered with Goodyear’s Dual Self-cleaning Lug Channels with sharp lateral notches, these tyres provide enough traction on both on-and-off roads in wintry, dry and wet conditions. Furthermore, the tyres’ internal reinforced structure includes high-tensile steel belts, and polyester corded body packs the durability and supreme ride quality.

From Continental

A name synonymous with quality, Continental has been producing high-quality tyres for over a century. From high-performance tyres to winter tyres, Continental has been a name to reckon. They also developed some of the best 4X4 tyres available in the market.

Here are some of our recommendations –

  • HDR
  • Hybrid HD3
  • X-Terrain

These Continental tyres have been developed to serve both single and dual application use in heavy-duty vehicles. Engineered with revolutionary HD3 technology, these SUV car tyres in Bilston promote longer wear life along with low rolling resistance and improved traction under both dry and wet road conditions.

The Continental 4X4 tyres feature a base tread utilising a wear-resistant cap compound to dampen noise and also minimise rolling resistance. The dual-layer tread is moulded into an asymmetric design featuring broad independent shoulders and intermediate blocks to offer year-round protection.

These tyres sport wide circumferential grooves to resist aquaplaning while its lateral grooves and sipes deliver a biting edge on snow and wet surfaces.

Why buy from us?

At First Stop Auto Centre, we sell only the top 4X4 tyres in Bilston from all leading brands. All of our tyres are 100% genuine and come with an affordable price tag.

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